Fibreglass Pools

Top 7 Reasons Why Fibreglass Pools Are Better Than Concrete

While it’s a matter of hotly contested opinion, many would agree that fibreglass pools are better than concrete, at least in most applications. Sure, there are exceptions to every rule, and fibreglass isn’t a great fit for everyone due to the shape and size limitations, but this doesn’t take away from the fact that they’re exploding in popularity across South Africa.

The main question is why? Why are fibreglass pools experiencing such phenomenal growth across all provinces in South Africa? The answers may surprise you. We’ve listed the top seven reasons why fibreglass pools are better than concrete swimming pools.

#1 Less Maintenance

Fibreglass pools have completely eliminated the myth that “pools are a lot of work”. Many pool owners dedicate less than 30 minutes in total for maintenance each week, which speaks volumes. Now you can enjoy more time enjoying your pool, and less time cleaning and maintaining it.

#2 Works Great with Salt

As any pool expert will tell you, salt chlorinated water, for all its many incredible benefits and great appeal, is abrasive to concrete surfaces. So what does this mean for you? Simply put, it means that you’ll have to resurface your entire concrete pool much sooner. However, with a fibreglass pool, salt is not harmful to the surface, leading to a much longer lifespan for your pool.

#3 Costs Less

While concrete and fibreglass pools may cost around the same initially, in the long term, due to maintenance, resurfacing and chemical differences, fibreglass pools simply cost much less.

#4 Much Easier on the Feet

Everyone who has ever had the displeasure of swimming in a pool with a rough surface knows what we’re talking about here. Kids can play in the fibreglass pool for hours on end, without getting their feet torn apart by the rough surface. At SA Pools, we’ve had countless customers who owned a concrete pool in the past and have since invested in fibreglass specifically for this reason.

#5 Quick Installation

Who wants to entertain a construction crew in their backyard for months? Fibreglass pools are proven to be completed in far less time than their concrete counterparts, this includes decking. It all leads to less stress for homeowners, pets and neighbours, etc.

#6 Tougher for Algae to Get a Hold

Algae is certainly the bane of any pool owner’s existence. Thanks to their non-porous surface, fibreglass has become well known for combating the “green monster”.

#7 Higher Resale Value, More Appealing to Potential Homeowners

Your fibreglass pool can add equity to your home. As more and more people understand the longevity and low-maintenance benefits of these pools, the property sector has become attracted to these pools. The reason for this? Among others is the fact that prospective homebuyers don’t see them as a lot of work in future.

Invest in a Tailored, Unique Fibreglass Pool from SA Pools

When you approach us for any of our “standard” pools, you’ll receive the design, structural and equipment features needed to complete the installation of your dream swimming pool. We have solidified our reputation in the marketplace by providing a superior product at the most competitive prices available today. We adhere to stringent building codes, while leading the way in mandating stricter pool safety building standards throughout South Africa.

With more than three decades in the pool building industry, we can confidently state and back up the fact that our pools are quite simply superb. Throughout the years, SA Pools has won various accolades and awards, and has been awarded the best swimming pool building company award in Gauteng from 1997 to 1999, as well as in South Africa for 2003, 2007 and 2011. Contact us to experience our pools for yourself.