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Pre-Moulded Pools – the Shape Of Things To Come

Pre-moulded pools are very quickly installed if you need to put one in in a hurry. The end of the year is coming and your diary is crammed with invitations to friends and family to spend quality time with them in their gardens and around their pools. You don’t have a pool and no-one accepts invitations to your home; no-one wants to come and sit around listlessly under your trees and bake; what for?

It can all change! In fact, in the space of a couple of days, you could be the envy of all those who declined your invitations. If you also don’t want your existing garden to be all dug-up for weeks on end, have a pre-moulded pool installed. Super strong, flexible and tough, they are ideal for all ground conditions, even clay.

Installing a gem like this requires digging a hole to the shape of, and larger than the shell. Make sure the shape beds well and pack it in solidly with earth. When using a liner, the excavation may be any shape, for once the liner is placed in the excavation, held by stones at the edges, the pressure of the incoming water will mould the liner to the shape of the excavation. Completion is just a mere matter of bedding the edges firmly with rocks, earth and foliage. You can now put in interesting paving, and get your palms and other plants settled in to create a tropical pool appearance.

A well-positioned, and well installed pre-moulded pool will, in most cases, add substantially to the value of your home. But of course there can be drawbacks. Positioned in the wrong place it won’t be used to maximum benefit and you certainly can’t just sit back and enjoy it as it requires a great deal of maintenance and attention.

Townhouse pools are installed to engineer’s specification using a steel reinforced concrete ring beam. They are factory made to the highest standard in any shape to fit into any little nook or cranny in your garden. They have a smooth, non porous surface so you are going to use the absolute minimum amount of chemicals as algae can’t cling to such a smooth surface.

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