"There is no comparison, we just don't understand anybody who contemplates any pool other than a Beach-style Pool".

The graceful flowing design of the Beach-style Pool range of concrete pools truly make them a swimmer's pool, a kiddies pool, a nature pool, a pet's pool. A Beach-style Pool is an ideal family pool. The large nonslip beaches which surround the pool make them fun for everyone; Mom, Dad, children and the family dog will all find their own form of fun on the beach.

Both beautiful and functional, the Beach-style Pool concept has many features not normally found in conventional pools such as:

  • Larger water surface, creating a lake effect that is stunning when lit up at night.
  • A beach entrance instead of steps makes for easy access and exit from the pool for young and old.
  • The flowing beaches are ideal for children to play on, as the water is shallow and warm and if desired a baby pool can be created with the beach at very little extra cost.
  • The family pet is also catered for; should they accidentally fall in, it is easy for them to get out anywhere along the beaches.
  • Don't be surprised to see birds drinking and bathing in the shallow beaches; this is an absolute delight to see as this is not possible with conventional pools.
  • The aesthetical appeal of the Beach-style Pool can be further enhanced by the placing of certain types of trees on the beaches as well as creating water features, timber jetties etc., to help personalise and make each beach unique.
  • Your lawn grown up to the edge of the beaches instead of paving makes for a natural, softer look.
  • Easy to maintain; your automatic pool cleaner cleans the main pool while a quick sweep down of the beaches every so often will keep your Beach-style Pool in pristine condition.
Features include:
  • Beach entrance
  • Trees planted on beaches
  • Water features
  • Timber decks
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