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Commercial Pools

Each pool is individually designed to meet your every requirement. 

Commercial Pools

Building an incredible swimming pool is a fine craft we have mastered over the years, whether for personal use or commercial purposes. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, SA Pools sets the standard across the board in bringing dream swimming pools to life. Our work spans a wide range of professional and commercial projects across the country, which can be browsed in our gallery.

Our Commercial Pools

We at SA Pools understand what it takes to build a large-scale swimming pool for needs other than just the leisure of swimming every now and then. The construction will be carried out by our own skilled craftsmen, as we are vastly experienced in designing and building quality swimming pools for commercial use.

Regarding construction and design, the requirements of a world-class commercial pool differ from their home-pool counterpart. Being larger, more complex, and under further regulations, commercial swimming pools require immense skill in designing, building and finishing a pool for public use.

Examples Of Our Commercial Pools

Our work spans a spectrum of different pools for commercial or public use. We have built incredible pools such as:

School Pools

Gym Pools

Community Pools

Firestation Pools

Waterpark Pools

Hotel and resort Pools

Estate Pools - communal clubhouse pools or uniform pools across all units in estates

The Difference

Whilst the typical backyard swimming pools in homes across South Africa are intricate in their own way, commercial pools offer as much aesthetic appeal, safety and fun in a commercial setting. Meeting the expectation of a range of users, commercial pools have a variety of uses spanning professional aquatic training, spas or leisure facilities, hotels and more vicinities of public use.

Commercial pools add to the space they enter, bringing both the functional appeal of a swimming pool for all to enjoy whilst also adding appeal in its sleek design. SA Pools is proudly a multiple award-winning pool design and building company. We provide the utmost quality in all we do, creating beautiful swimming pools across the country for decades.

Why Build A Commercial Pool?

Commercial swimming pools create a space for recreational activities to be shared by the public, which can be for various uses depending on the purpose. We design, build and bring to life your ideal vision for a private or commercial pool. Our commercial pools go beyond meeting the basic requirements of relaxation, aquatic exercise and recreation, bringing unique design, seamless function and high-quality finishes all into one.

If you are looking to build a commercial pool, get in touch with us today and let us show you the SA Pools standard in quality pools.

Commercial Pools

We are a multiple award-winning pool design and building company.

30+ years in the pool building industry

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Pre-Moulded Pools

SA Pools Pre-cast fibreglass pools made out of top quality materials.


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