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With a heat pump, a more energy efficient system not only contributes to a reduced bill every month, it has a positive impact on the environment.

At the rate we are going through our natural resources; it’s no surprise that we are facing an energy crisis. Carbon released in the atmosphere, causing global warming, is eliminated with a solar geyser.

Can you heat a swimming pool with a pump?

Yes, they are excellent for spas, as the volume of water is small and temperature requirements high. For swimming pools, solar geyser collectors are an extremely viable supplement to gas or electricity.

When installing solar heating, you can expect a whole host of benefits:

  • Cost-effective – solar panels result in a reduction in your electricity bill.
  • Environmentally friendly – no toxic waste and no misuse of non-renewable fossil fuels.

Heating water is only one of the tasks of solar panels; retaining the heat generated through sunlight is another important factor.

The Aqua Pro Inverter Plus Heat Pump

The Aquapro swimming pool heat pump is available in three versions. They have the same exterior design, but each version has its own unique purpose in the heating of swimming pools.

– Extending the summer swimming season.
– Recommended for a 12 month operation. During winter heating, even at air temperatures below 15º Celsius, the Aquapro will produce 4 kW to 6 kW of heat for every 1 kW of power absorbed.
– Long hours of intense sunshine add heat to the pool water. 

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