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5 Reasons to Invest in a Swimming Pool

Every South African understands how unpleasant a blazing summer sun is – especially when there is no way to cool down. Sweltering heat, sweaty clothing, and a flushed face can leave the best of us feeling somewhat frustrated. Some people resort to a cold shower every few hours or switching on their energy-intensive air conditioning unit, but nothing beats the refreshing invigoration of jumping into a swimming pool.

Although swimming pools originated in ancient history, they did not gain any global popularity until the 1800s. Used as a form of exercise and leisure, swimming has long been one of the preferred activities during the hot summer months, and due to technological advancements, pools can now be enjoyed in winter too. Some people may hesitate to introduce a swimming pool to their home, but there are many reasons to invest in one.

    1. It Is an Excellent Form of Exercise – Without the Sweat
      Swimming is the one form of exercise that people of any age or body-type can do. Swimming is low-impact, which means that it is not as hard on bones and joints as exercises like jogging or tennis. Another great perk is that water is far denser than air, which offers the human body resistance training while merely wading through it. Whether swimming laps, doing water aerobics, or simply treading water, a swimming pool provides the opportunity for strength and cardio exercise without breaking a sweat.

    2. Learning to Swim is a Life Skill
      Having a pool in your backyard allows the members of your household to learn how to swim in a safe, comfortable environment. Water accidents happen all over the world daily, and chances are that you or your loved ones will be in or near a body of water at some point in your life. Learning to swim means that in the case of falling into deep water, you will be able to save yourself.

    3. It Brings Paradise to Your Backdoor
      Most vacation spots have some form of water as part of their appeal – whether it is the beach or a jacuzzi. This is because water is relaxing and synonymous with peace and tranquillity. People who feel stressed often find that being in or around water is a way to unwind and shrug off that sensory overload. Spending time outdoors also helps the body to absorb some much-needed vitamin D and sunlight, which are known to improve serotonin levels and make one feel happy. Having a swimming pool in your garden adds a calming atmosphere to your home and creates a mini vacation just for you.

    4. Entertaining Guests Becomes Easier
      When it comes to family braais and get-togethers, everyone always opts to visit the house with the swimming pool. Owning a swimming pool will automatically make your home the favourite go-to spot for parties and summer fun. Swimming pools can keep children and adults alike occupied for hours on end with water-based games and competitions. If outdoor fun and recreation are what you are after, a swimming pool will be perfect for your home.

    5. Swimming Pools Double as a Water Feature
      Not only can you customise the shape and size of your pool, but you can also add several accents and accessories to create a work of art. A swimming pool does not need to be the same old rectangle for each home. You can let your creativity loose and use your pool as a focal aesthetic feature for your yard.