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How to Make Your Pool Ready for Summer

The festive season is nearly upon us, and school holidays will be in full swing. How do you keep your kids entertained and cool during the hot summer months? If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool at home, that is a great place to start. After a long winter, you need to do some preparation work to get your swimming pools ready for summer.

Operating a domestic swimming pool takes a bit more than merely filling it up, and jumping right in. Opening a pool correctly is not only important for its longevity, but also for the health of your family. If a swimming pool is not opened safely after a long winter, you cannot be assured of proper operation and chemical safety. So, let us take a look at how to get your pool ready for summer with minimal hassle, and maximum enjoyment.

To Start with, Do Not Empty Your Pool

While it might seem counterintuitive, do not ever empty your pool, even if it gets really cold where you live. Draining the pool, unless entirely necessary, like when structural work needs to be performed, can cause big problems. An example of a problem you do not want is your swimming pool lifting out of the ground due to a lack of weight from the water holding it down. It could end up meaning a complete swimming pool replacement, which means you probably will not be able to enjoy your pool throughout the summer.

Clean Up Your Swimming Pool

After laying dormant for a while, start the process of readying your pool for summer. Clean out all the baskets, put the filtration system together, and remove any plugs that you put in place when you closed the pool the previous season. You can still leave the cover on the pool for now.

Top it Off

If your pool’s water level has diminished over the winter, now is the time to top it off. Clean its filter prior to switching it on. It is always recommended to have your pool’s water professionally tested by taking a water sample to a pool store. It will give you peace of mind knowing that your water is ready, and if there is something wrong, a pools store will usually be able to advise you on how to address it.

While it might be tempting, resist the urge to dive in before the water is clear. Give it some time, and the filter and chemicals will start clearing up the water soon. You might need to add some chlorine to keep the water at the correct level. Only once the water is clear enough for you to see the pool’s floor should you remove the cover.

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