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Why Investing in a Swimming Pool Adds Value to Your Home and Lifestyle

Every South African understands how unpleasant the blazing summer sun can be, especially when there is no way to cool down. Sweltering heat, a flushed face and sweating all day can leave the best of us feeling somewhat frustrated. Whilst some people resort to a cold shower every few hours or blasting the air conditioning unit, at the end of the day, nothing beats the refreshing invigoration of jumping into a swimming pool.

While swimming pools are often considered a luxurious addition to a property, they offer more than just a refreshing dip on hot summer days. Investing in a swimming pool can significantly enhance both your overall lifestyle and your home’s value. This article explores the numerous benefits of having a swimming pool and why it is a worthwhile investment.

To Invest or Not To Invest

Although swimming pools originated in ancient history, they did not gain any global popularity until the 1800s. Used as a form of exercise and leisure, swimming has long been one of the preferred activities during the hot summer months. Now more than ever, due to technological advancements, pools can be enjoyed in winter too. Some people may hesitate to introduce a swimming pool to their home, but there are many reasons to invest in one.

Adding a pool can be one of the easiest ways of getting your kids to enjoy the outside air and stay active. Importantly, it can also get them away from screen time and outdoors, enjoying nature whilst having fun together with their friends. On top of this, South Africa has the perfect temperament for swimming. If you decide to heat your pool, you can even reach anywhere in up to 10 months of swimming weather throughout the year.

7 Reasons To Invest In A Swimming Pool

Excellent Form of Exercise

Swimming is the one form of exercise that people of any age and fitness level can do, offering numerous health benefits. Swimming is low-impact, which means that it is not as hard on bones and joints as exercises like jogging or tennis.

Another great perk is that water is far denser than air, which offers the human body resistance training while merely wading through it. Whether swimming laps, doing water aerobics, or simply treading water, a swimming pool allows strength and cardio exercise without breaking a sweat.

Learning to Swim is a Life Skill

Having a pool in your backyard allows the members of your household to learn how to swim in a safe, comfortable environment. Water accidents happen worldwide daily, and chances are that you or your loved ones will be in or near a body of water at some point in your life. Learning to swim means that in the case of falling into deep water, you will be able to save yourself.

Paradise At Your Backdoor

Most vacation spots have some form of water as part of their appeal – whether it is the beach or a jacuzzi. This is because water is relaxing and synonymous with peace and tranquillity. People who feel stressed often find that being in or around water is a way to unwind and shrug off that sensory overload. Spending time outdoors also helps the body to absorb some much-needed vitamin D and sunlight, which are known to improve serotonin levels and make one feel happy. Having a swimming pool in your garden adds a calming atmosphere to your home and creates a mini vacation just for you.

Easy Entertaining

When it comes to family braais and get-togethers, everyone always opts to visit the house with the swimming pool. Owning a swimming pool will automatically make your home the favourite go-to spot for parties and summer fun. Swimming pools can keep children and adults alike occupied for hours on end with water-based games and competitions. If outdoor fun and recreation are what you are after, a swimming pool will be perfect for your home.

A Built-In Water Feature

Not only can you customise the shape and size of your pool, but you can also add several accents and accessories to create a work of art. A swimming pool does not need to be the same old rectangle for each home. You can let your creativity loose and use your pool as a focal aesthetic feature for your yard.

A well-designed swimming pool can transform your outdoor space into a visually stunning oasis. From sleek and modern designs to natural and tropical settings, there are countless options to suit your personal taste and complement your home’s architecture. Integrating features such as waterfalls, lighting, landscaping, and poolside lounging areas enhances the ambience and creates a tranquil retreat right in your backyard. Investing in a swimming pool not only offers a functional swimming space but also elevates your property’s overall aesthetics.

Increased Property Value

A well-designed and properly maintained swimming pool can significantly increase the value of your property. Pools are considered attractive, especially in regions with warmer climates or areas with highly valued outdoor living.

Potential homebuyers often view a swimming pool as a desirable asset, which can make your property stand out in a competitive real estate market. An aesthetically pleasing pool can add curb appeal and create a sense of luxury, potentially fetching a higher sale price or facilitating a quicker sale.

Ultimate Outdoor Experience

A swimming pool provides the ultimate outdoor entertainment space for family and friends. Whether you’re hosting a poolside party, organising a birthday party, or simply enjoying a relaxing evening, a swimming pool creates a focal point for social gatherings. It offers a fun and enjoyable atmosphere, encouraging quality time with loved ones and fostering lasting memories.

The SA Pools’ Way

Swimming pools can be an excellent investment that adds equity to your property, but their value goes beyond just financial gain. If you want to invest in the quality of your family’s life, adding a swimming pool to your property is a great idea.

At SA Pools, we specialise in building swimming pools of varying designs, styles, sizes, and shapes to meet your exact needs, budget and specifications. Each of our builds can be tailored to fit a specific family’s requirements and property’s limitations.

Work with Us for Top-Quality Swimming Pools

We are proud to be one of our industry’s top designers, manufacturers, and installers of swimming pools. For many years, we have been hard at work raising the bar of excellence in our industry, and we continue working hard to far exceed all expectations. When you approach us for a new swimming pool, our standard pool includes the design, structural, and equipment features needed to make your project a resounding success.

Our team is always at hand to share our hard-won insights and expertise in the industry and to make it available to your benefit. Let us help you make the most of your beautiful new swimming pool by providing a unique design that speaks directly to your needs. Rest assured that we always adhere to the most stringent building codes in the industry while also leading the way in mandating even stricter pool safety building materials.

Why It Makes Sense to Buy a Swimming Pool

If you need more convincing about the merits of buying and installing a swimming pool at your property, consider the following. It is a great way for friends to mingle and socialise and a very inexpensive way to keep your kids busy throughout most times of the year. You can also use it to stay fit and do a lot of water-based exercises to build your strength and stamina, keeping you healthier and fit.

What is more, a beautiful swimming pool design can add to your property’s aesthetic appeal and charm, thereby adding to its curb appeal and actual value. These are only a few reasons South Africans from all walks of life prefer investing in and installing swimming pools at their properties.

What better than having a private and convenient place to exercise regularly, enjoy family time, and take in warmer days? Having a swimming pool is an excellent option for those seeking to add aesthetic value to their living space whilst leading an active lifestyle.

Our Quality Standard

Choosing to invest in a swimming pool is making an investment in both your lifestyle and your home. Whether you seek relaxation, fitness, or a space for social gatherings, a swimming pool is a worthwhile addition that brings relaxation, wellness, and countless benefits to your living space.

Of course, the success of your new pool installation hinges entirely on the service provider you choose for it. Make sure you choose to work with a service provider that has a verifiable track record for excellence in the industry. Also, be sure to ensure that you work with a provider that has experience in delivering the type of pool you are after. This will already put you on the right track to getting exactly what you are paying for.

With more than three decades of experience behind us at SA Pools, we lead the pool-building industry leaving you confident that you are working with the best. To learn more, explore our website or contact us for further information.