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Fibreglass Swimming Pools

There are many ways to improve your backyard as well as to increase your property value and one is to add a new feature like a fibreglass swimming pool, not to mention all the great opportunities that exist to improve the area around your newest investment. You’ll find that with a fiberglass swimming pool you’re going to be the envy of the neighborhood and creating a backyard oasis is easy with the many styles and brilliant colors available.

Fiberglass swimming pools save money in maintenance as well. Their structure doesn’t develop cracks as easily as concrete, so they don’t need to be resurfaced, replastered, or grouted. They are manufactured to withstand temperature changes, whether it freezing one day or boiling the next, and it will maintain its beauty for a lifetime. Even vinyl liners that don’t crack, eventually wear down and must be replaced but fibreglass bends with the ground instead of splitting and even withstands tree roots better than vinyl-lined pools.

Advantages of investing in a fibreglass swimming pool:

  • Can be installed in a week or so, whereas installing a concrete pool could take as long as 2 or 3 months
  • The surface is not abrasive and there are no sharp, dangerous edges so less wear and tear on automatic pool cleaners
  • Salt water pools are popular for their healthy, natural feel and salt water is totally compatible with fibreglass.
  • The fibreglass pool is maintenance free as its gelcoat finish doesn’t need painting and requires less chemicals. In order to keep your pool healthy, several aspects need to be controlled:
  • Maintenance of correct pH level. Maintaining this level will ensure that you pool water is always sparkling as well as ensuring that the surface remains free of algae
  • Correct sanitisation by the use of chlorine
  • Regular vacuuming of the pool

You can feel confident when you choose SA Pools to install your fibreglass swimming pool as their excellent all round service is of the highest quality, which is important to know when investing in such an important feature. Click here to contact them and let your holiday begin!