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SA Pools Sets the Standard in Swimming Pools

South Africa’s world famous and enviable climate lends itself to millions of visitors each year, all in search of the great weather that many other countries sadly lack. However, for people living in one of the hottest countries on the continent, there are essentials that they don’t want to go without, like swimming pools.

With pool heating technology becoming widely available, the lifespan of a swimming pool throughout the year is also increasing. This means that people can enjoy their swimming pools for longer periods of the year, offering even more value for money and greater enjoyment from their investment. At SA Pools, we know and understand pools. In fact, we have made it our mission to set the standard for quality in swimming pools in the country.

We are acknowledged leaders in pools, including its design, structural and equipment features, making us one of the leading pool building companies in the market today. By offering a superior product at incredibly competitive rates, we have developed a customer satisfaction rate that can’t be beaten. Let us help you get more from your pool investment, and provide you with the beautiful design that you’ve been dreaming about.

Great Quality Pre-Moulded Swimming Pools in South Africa

One of our most popular products, our pre-moulded swimming pools, offer a smooth and high-gloss finish, thus preventing algae from ever getting a chance to set on the pool’s surface. We also use a fully formulated Neopentyl Glycol Isophthalic acid gel coat that carries Lloyds approval for marine applications. This gel coat also offers weathering properties and an incorporated UV inhibitor, all of which serves to minimise the degrading effect of sunlight.

The UV stabilised pigments used will also make your pool stay the colour you ordered for a long time to come. These are only a few of the many great features that make our pre-moulded swimming pools leaders in the market. All of our pools are produced in accordance with requirements of the South African Bureau of Standards specifications, and all products are locally produced.

Popular Beach-Style Swimming Pools

Many South Africans prefer the graceful flowing design of our beach-style pools. This range of beautiful swimming pools is truly a swimmer’s dream. It is the ideal family pool, with a large, non-slip beach surrounding the unit and making it fun for everyone to use. Offering both beauty and function, this pool has many features that aren’t normally found in pools, including:

  • A beach entrance, rather than steps, which makes for easier access and exit from the pool.
  • Larger water surfaces, producing a lake-effect that is beautifully appealing in the evenings when lit up.
  • Ideal for children to play in the flowing beaches, as the water is warm and shallow. A baby pool can also be created, at very little cost.
  • Should a family pet accidentally fall into the water, they can easily get out.

Use The Sun’s Free Energy to Heat Your Pool

Get free energy from the sun to heat up your swimming pool. Solar water heaters have become an absolute necessity for many households, where they choose to use solar energy to keep their pools warm and inviting. Robust and durable, our solar water heaters are manufactured to withstand all weather conditions.

Specifically designed and produced to meet the challenges of South Africa’s weather conditions, our Sammier Solar 2000 unit is available in 120L, 150L, 200L and 268L capacities. These are only a few of the many swimming pool solutions and services available from SA Pools. We are proud to be considered leaders in our industry, and work with our clients to produce the best solutions for their needs.

Contact us to learn more about our company, and to find out why we should be your first choice for great quality and durable swimming pools in South Africa.