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Swimming Pool Design Ideas and Tips for Your Home

Having a swimming pool installed is like renovating your home. There are many factors to consider, and deciding on a preferred outcome can be overwhelming.

Choosing the right design, perfect shape and size, without breaking the bank is a big ask for anyone.

Tips for Choosing a Swimming Pool Design

Any time is an excellent time for a pool party. 

However, before you build a swimming pool, check out these trade tips when planning your backyard paradise.

Compare Pool Designs and Materials

Fibreglass pools

You could choose to have a pre-moulded fibreglass swimming pool installed, which can be a cheaper and simpler option. Many swimming pool designs, styles and sizes are available in the fibreglass range. 

The unit you decide to go with will significantly depend on the available space and the budget you have set aside. 

Concrete swimming pools

Alternatively, you can choose to have a concrete swimming pool installed, and this will require either you or a professional pool company to design and build the actual pool. Concrete pools sometimes take longer than having a fibreglass pool installed, but it is often preferred as you have the exact pool you desire professionally created and installed.

Consider your Backyard Space

First, the size and shape of your backyard will determine the size and design of your swimming pool. Plan the size and where it fits before considering your desired pool shape. If you have a limited amount of backyard space to work with, you will have to compromise by opting for a smaller swimming pool design.

Customise the Inside of your Pool

The material you choose for the inside of your pool will significantly impact its look. One of the most basic techniques is finishing it off with white plaster. Quartz, which looks similar to plaster, but is more durable, also remains a popular option.

Personalise with Accessories

With the right accessories, pool owners can experience maximum enjoyment with minimal maintenance. 

These days, people are getting very creative with their pool designs, incorporating things like pieces of crushed abalone for that beach house look. Pebble designs are also popular, making your swimming pool appear more natural. 

Gone are the days of adding just a simple slide and diving board. Tanning ledges, waterfalls, bubbles, fountains, and many other design options are becoming the norm for pool designs in South Africa.

Design your Pool Shape

Pool owners are also veering away from standard rectangular pools in favour of a customised design that complements their backyard and lifestyle. 

Customising your pool by creating a designer pool to suit your lifestyle doesn’t significantly affect the cost. 

Rule of thumb: add 5 to 10% to your budget and get something unique.

Add Add-ons for Your Pool to Stand Out

Another popular option is automation, which can control the pool temperature, automatic cover, lights, and music. 

Energy-efficient LED lights are the hottest trend in pool lighting because they improve the swimming pool’s appearance while saving you money. 

Homeowners can create a light show as LEDs shine in white, green, blue, or red variations. The best part of installing a heated pool is that you can use your swimming pool 365 days a year. Adding a cover to your swimming pool will contain the heat and help you save money on water at the same time.

Choosing Between Salt and Chlorine

Saltwater Pools

Saltwater pool systems remain very popular, as homeowners continue to convert traditional chlorine pools into ones that use salt because of the low maintenance and high water quality. 

But please be sure to trust us when we say you must do your homework before selecting salt. 

Owning a saltwater swimming pool can come in handy if you want to keep your maintenance costs down, but the initial price to install the system is high. 

Chlorine Pools

Chlorine systems in swimming pools generally cost less than a salt water system, even though chlorine swimming pools typically have more complex and in-depth routine maintenance requirements.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Create a Beach-Style Pool

A Beach-style pool is an ideal family pool. The large nonslip beaches which surround the pool make them fun for everyone. Who needs a beach holiday when you have one in your backyard?

Add a Jacuzzi

Build a custom jacuzzi into your pool for the best of both worlds (read: temperatures.) Integrate it into the pool, or take a cue from this raised spa and place it beside the swimming pool so you can relax while the kids splash away.

Choose a Pre-Cast Pool Design

There are many fiberglass pre-moulded pool shapes and designs available at SA Pools. We can help you choose the perfect shape for your backyard.

Our favourite is the party pool!

Looking for a Commercial Pool Design?

We understand what it takes to build a large scale swimming pool for needs other than just leisure.

The construction will be carried out by our own skilled craftsmen, as we are vastly experienced in designing and building quality swimming pools for commercial use.

Concrete Pool Designs

Each pool is individually designed to meet your every requirement and blend in with the surroundings.

You can choose any shape, style, design, and accessories you like, and we can design and install it for your home.

See more examples of our wold-class designer pools.

Choose the Pool Design Experts

SA Pools is a professional supplier to the South African market and consists of a team of experienced individuals who can assist you with designing and installing your pool. 

Before settling on the final swimming pool designs, a team member may need to meet with you and visit your premises. We discuss your ideal swimming pool and look for any potential problems to address early on. 

Once this is done, we can start the actual work. 

The SA Pools team will only begin the construction part of your pool installation once all the details have been discussed and agreed on, such as the best options for swimming pool designs. These details include paved areas, finishes and any decorative additions you have in mind. We use lightweight machinery to reduce disruption and damage to your premises and pool site.

A consultant will always be available to answer any queries and questions regarding your swimming pool installation and the construction work to take place at your premises.

For more information and advice on SA Pools products and services, including choosing the best swimming pool designs – contact SA Pools today.