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Tips for Your Pool, If Your Backyard is Tiny

Having a small backyard doesn’t mean that you can’t build your own tropical paradise with all the bells and whistles, including a swimming pool. The best pools aren’t merely judged on size. Location, function, and design are also elements that matter.

Here are a few tips for designing the perfect pool for a small backyard.


First you have to think about where the best possible location would be for the pool to be built. It should not be too close to your house or fence, so that there’s room to walk around. Your swimming pool should also not take up the whole backyard.

Ensure that your swimming pool is close to a boundary to keep the central remaining space clear and open. Just be careful, as there are some important engineering considerations required when digging near a boundary.

You could also opt for a little splash pool that’s ideal for cooling off in the summertime. These take up minimal space, but still give you that backyard pool-party feeling. It’s best to plan for a pool that fits your backyard without overwhelming it, while placing it in such a way that the pool gets plenty of sunshine and meets the regulations related to property boundaries.


How your swimming pool will be used will affect its design. Maybe your backyard oasis will mostly be used by adults for relaxing. You can even consider additional landscaping and built-in elements, like water benches or zero-entry designs.

Small pools can even be designed with the lap swimmer in mind. If creating a great place for your kids to swim and be entertained is a priority, a small pool can work as well as a large one. Kids can create fun in whatever amount of water your pool provides, but you can also add elements like a diving board, slide, or bubble jets to tight spaces.


Shape and proportion will be major factors in the design of a pool for a small backyard. A great rule of thumb for any design, but especially for a design in a minimal space, is to keep it simple. While many functional and attractive elements can be crafted in a small space, a small and well-designed pool won’t include them all.

Tasteful, subtle elements can enhance your pool, without overwhelming your backyard and your senses.


There are two types of swimming pools on the market: fibreglass products and built-in concrete options. Both have varied pros and cons. Fibreglass options are often cheaper and quicker to install.

Although often cheaper, and quicker and easier to install, fibreglass pools don’t allow for as much freedom in design, and structural surrounding features, such as retaining walls, become more difficult. You’ll also need to ensure you can crane or transport the product to the position within the site. They are great value for money, but they do have more limitations than concrete pools, which offer complete freedom in shape and size, and are better suited to tricky sites.

Installing a pool is a great way to create a place where your family can make memories, regardless of the size of your backyard. With the help of our professional team at SA Pools, we can create your own personal oasis that you’ve always wanted, despite limited space. Get the swimming pool of your dreams and enjoy the perks of having your personal pool only a few steps away.

If you are looking for the best swimming pool prices and services on the market, we have you covered. Chat to our team of experts and find the perfect pool for you and your family to enjoy this summer.