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Getting Your Swimming Pool in Shape for Lazy Summer Days

After the winter hibernation, your backyard is probably well and truly ready for a spring clean to get it ready for endless summer days. Before you can reopen your pool for summer swims with your family and friends, you need to get it back in shape. Opening your backyard swimming pool for the season requires a bit more than filling it up and jumping straight in.

Opening a pool correctly is important for the health of the swimmers, but also for your swimming pool. When a pool is opened properly, you can rest assured of proper operation and chemical safety throughout the swimming season. Let’s take a look at some ways in which to make it easier to get your pool ready for a great summer.

Never Empty Your Swimming Pool

Never empty your swimming pool, even if you live in Gauteng, which gets really cold during winter, unless you don’t have any other choice. This can include the need for structural work, or if your pool hasn’t been covered and there are too many leaves and other gunk at the bottom to remove without emptying the pool. Also, get a cover for your pool. Really.

The reason for this tip is simple. Draining the pool can be the cause of big problems. One example is where an empty pool in a high water table can lift out of the ground without the weight of water that holds it down. That is the last thing you want to deal with. Many swimming pool owners in Gauteng aren’t even aware of this risk.

Time to Clean the Pool

Start the process of getting your pool in shape for summer with a “chemical open”. Clean out the baskets, get your filtration system together and remove any plugs you might have put in place when you closed the pool at the beginning of winter. If the pool’s water level has dipped during winter – which is a real possibility – then simply top it up.

Clean the cartridge filter by removing the cartridge and washing it thoroughly with a hose. After adding the appropriately recommended chemicals, wait for the water to clear before diving in. Your filter needs to be cleaned daily, until the water is clear. The entire process can take up to a week. Chlorine might need to be added in order to keep it at the correct level.

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