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How to Save Money on Heating Pools

You don’t have to pay hundreds, or even thousands of rands every month to keep your pool at a comfortably warm temperature throughout the year. There is an easy way to harness the energy of the sun to heat up your pool and save. Solar water heaters have evolved over the years, from a luxury to a necessity, for those wanting to save the environment, while still enjoying the modern convenience of heated pools.

The Sammler Solar 2000 unit is designed and produced to excel in South African weather conditions. Its robust and durable construction helps it to withstand all weather conditions, anywhere in the world. The unit comes available in various different capacities, including:

  • 120 litre
  • 150 litre
  • 200 litre
  • 268 litre

Its indirect system comes with selecting coating, offering maximum absorption of heat and boosting efficiency. The unit is also jacketed with glass wool for insulation, therefore ensuring minimal heat loss. The toughened prismatic glass is also resistant to average hail, and is designed for highly concentrated UV transmissions.

Choose SA Pools for Solar Pool Heating Panels

Our team behind SA Pools combines years of experience, modern technology, and innovative development and design together to offer our valued customers the best pool heating solutions available on the market today. We are proud of our long history of excellent service, providing our clients with money-saving solutions that boost their enjoyment of swimming pools and their quality of life.

Aside from providing the latest pool heating solutions, we also design swimming pools and construct them from scratch. Our standard pools include design, structural and equipment features, providing you with a long-lasting and durable pool construction. Thanks to our commitment to providing superior products at competitive rates, our company has grown to enjoy a loyal customer following, and we continually achieve excellent customer satisfaction rates.

We always adhere to the most stringent building codes and continue to lead the way in mandating stricter pool-safety building standards. With more than 30 years in the pool building and construction industry, we have proven our expertise time and again. Since much of our business derives from word-of-mouth referrals and return business, it is clear that our customers continue to enjoy the best value for money and great service.

You Are On Your Way to Enjoying Your Dream Pool

When it comes to designing and constructing bespoke swimming pools, there is a lot to discuss. This is why, when you approach us, we discuss the design with you first and take note of any specific wishes. It is also during this phase that we point out any problems and explain every stage involved in the pool’s construction.

Our team advises you of any planning permissions required, and also recommends the most suitable filtration, heating and sterilisation systems. The moment we submit the design for your approval, we will have discussed your pool right down to its finest detail, including any accessories, decorative finishes and the pool’s surrounds. Now you can start getting excited about having your dream swimming pool!

Enjoy Excellent Value for Money from SA Pools

Thanks to our large buying power and great industry presence, we bring our designs in at the most competitive rates possible. By doing this, we ensure maximum market penetration, and further make sure that as many South Africans from all walks of life can enjoy customised swimming pools.

There is no reason to break the bank to afford your dream swimming pool, or to keep your pool warm and inviting throughout the year. To learn more about SA Pools, and discuss every solution that we have for your swimming pool needs, speak to our team of dedicated industry professionals today.