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National Gold Award Winning Premoulded Swimming Pools

It’s never too early or too late in the summer season to have your swimming pool installed, particularly not if you’ve decided on a premoulded model. Even better, let our award winning company install it for you and you’ll have a choice of no less than 48 different shapes and sizes, amongst which you’re bound to find several that are ideal for your purposes, property and budget.

Advantages of Premoulded Swimming Pools

Whilst we’re mentioning some of the advantages of premoulded swimming pools, we must emphasise that as members of the SA Pools Institute, we build superb pools of all types, plus spas and Jacuzzis. All our products, regardless of their method of construction, are of top quality, one of the reasons why our company has earned its 30 years of reputation as a leader in this field.

  • Generally, water temperature in premoulded swimming pools is somewhat higher than in concrete constructed counterparts, since a cement shell absorbs a certain amount of ambient heat trapped beneath a pool blanket or from water warmed by sunlight and the surrounding atmosphere.
  • Easier and less expensive maintenance. Non-porous, stain resistant walls are easily brushed. You’ll require less frequent dosages of chemicals.
  • Budget friendly – typically costs less than other types of pools.
  • Because premoulded units are produced in factory conditions, moulds and finish can be strictly controlled.
  • Smooth, high gloss surface gel coating prevents algae from gaining a foothold on which to set. Algae growth is a notorious enemy of pool owners, and is particularly prone to develop on or even penetrate other types of surfaces following summer rains, if no corrective action is taken within a reasonable period.
  • Our scientifically formulated gel coating is approved by Lloyds (global leaders in all maritime matters) for demanding marine applications and conditions which are far more rigorous than those encountered in a residential pool.
  • Colour pigments are UV stabilised, ensuring that the original colour remains true for many years, without requiring any recoating or resurfacing, irrespective of chemical usage and harsh, direct sunlight. The specialised resin conforms to SABS 713 1974 Grade R standard and Lloyds Register of Shipping Specifications.
  • Furthermore, the resin which we use provides outstanding acid and alkaline resistance, having been formulated for use in storage tanks, pipes and bulk road tankers, thus remaining undamaged by pool chemicals for extended periods under normal usage conditions.
  • Locally produced glass reinforcement layers are also built up to conform to SABS standards – SABS 419 1972 – the same specifications applied to chemical storage tank manufacture. Robust construction and stringent quality controls are paramount throughout the premoulding manufacture process.
  • Installation is comparatively quick.
  • Slightly flexible moulds allow for a certain degree of ground movement without cracking and/or leaking, providing installation is of a professional standard.

Award Winning Products and Standards

We’re proud of the prestigious awards which our company has won, both locally in Gauteng and nationally. Relatively recently, these include Best Swimming Pool Building Company (Gauteng) from 1997 to 1999, and likewise in South Africa for 2003, 2007 and 2011, plus a Pool of the Year Gold Award in 2013, and many, many more throughout our existence.

Spanning these years, virtually all our awards have consisted primarily of gold standards, followed by silver, and have been issued by the NSPI (National Spa and Pool Institute), which is the watchdog body guiding member companies, and governing our industry and its standards since 1972.

Our Standard Offering

Included in our “standard” offering to all our clients, irrespective of their choice of construction type, we incorporate design, structural and equipment features as part and parcel of any and all prospective contracts.

Without any compromise on quality and service, pricing is competitive across the board, whether you select a Jacuzzi, plunge, concrete, beach style or premoulded swimming pool; who knows – yours may become the next award winner – we’ll certainly strive to make it so.