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When Swimming Pools seem Essential in Gauteng

Not for the first time and certainly not for the last, people in many parts of South Africa find themselves in the throes of an exceptionally long, unbroken heat wave during February 2015, especially in Gauteng, and those who don’t have access to swimming pools really know all about it.

Couple this with inevitable load-shedding, when one cannot switch on air conditioning or even a fan or two, and the problem of how to cool off without a swimming pool in Gauteng is infinitely worse. Taking a cold shower may help for a little while, but one really needs to immerse one’s body completely, in order to lower the core body temperature.

Benefits of Having a Swimming Pool in Gauteng

Comfort and the ability to cool off in a pleasurable way whenever you like, on your own property, without having to travel elsewhere to a public pool, is undoubtedly an advantage, but there are numerous other benefits to be had by installing your own swimming pool.

  • Human beings are naturally attracted to water, so installing a pool in your garden is pure pleasure for the senses, visually, aesthetically and audibly (you’ll hear the sound of splashing water when the pump is running and particularly so, if a water feature has been incorporated in your design).
  • Increase your property value. Your home is probably the biggest investment that you’ll ever make; increasing the value of such an investment makes good sense.
  • Residents of Gauteng enjoy some of the best weather and climatic conditions in the world. Summers are long; winter’s cold only visits for short periods, whilst autumn and spring seasons are extremely mild. You can pleasurably use your swimming facilities for much of the year, without any discomfort.
  • If you really want to maximise your swimming season, you always have the option of installing a heating system, enabling you to enjoy your daily dip virtually throughout the year.
  • Providing that you’ve engaged the services of a reputable, reliable company, such as ours, which builds and finishes their products to the highest standards, maintenance should be simple, easy and affordable. Modern chemicals or chlorination systems are very effective, whilst automatic cleaners and filtration methods efficiently take care of most of the debris which accumulates.
  • Health benefits. Swimming is one of the healthiest forms of exercise, providing aerobic, cardiovascular and resistance workouts, which are easy to vary according to the person’s ability. There is no stress or strain on the body’s structures, because all exercise takes place in water.
  • Enhances your lifestyle. Poolside living and entertaining is highly enjoyable, especially for South Africans, who love being outdoors.
  • Provides fun for the entire family, all together and at home.

Select your Pool Company with Care

Don’t just forge ahead and choose the first company which provides you with the cheapest quote and a lot of lovely promises. Do a little homework and research before you engage a pool builder. The media has been inundated with reports from disgruntled homeowners who did just this or failed to ascertain whether the concern that they selected had a reputation to back up their claims and promises.

Don’t become a victim of unscrupulous builders. Our CEO, with some 30 years of experience in this field, and his skilled team has established our company as one of the leading pool building concerns operating in Gauteng and throughout South Africa, offering top design, structural and equipment features to our clients as standard, without compromise.

We and all our branches are SAPI (SA Pool Institute) members, ensuring your peace of mind in knowing that you’re dealing with a bone fide specialist company which complies with standards, specifications and operating practices of the highest order.

As professional, responsible builders, we advocate strict poolside safety standards. The numerous national and regional Gauteng awards, which we’ve won since 1997, attest to our achievements and capabilities in our chosen field – the installation and construction of all types of stunning swimming pools according to your requirements.